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MSBPLaunch - an add-on for command-line SQL Server Compressed Backup . The tool is designed for daily backup of all databases on the local MS SQL Server

The utility was written in 2011 for separately located MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Web Edition, which does not support the command "BACKUP DATABASE ... WITH COMPRESSION". To publish a open source and a binary code was completely rewritten.

  • simple backup scheme with automatic removal of obsolete backups
  • logging results using Nlog
  • summary report by email

Backup scheme:
  • Every Saturday runs weekly full backups of databases.
  • In the remaining days performs a differential database backup.
  • In the 1st, 14th, 27th, 40th week - a full backup is quarterly.
For each type of backup you can specify a retention period


1. Download and unpack SQL Server Compressed Backup.
2. Download and unpack this utility.
3. Edit config file msbplaunch.ini
;; Path to SQL Copressed Backup binary
MsbpExe = c:\msbp\msbp.exe
;; Path to store backup files
BackupPath = c:\backup
;; Excluded databases. Comma-separated list
ExcludeDB = master,model,msdb,tempdb,distribution
;; Day of the week a full backup
;; Default - Saturday
;WeeklyFullBackup = 6

;; Storage time in days
;; - D[aily] (differencial backups)
;; - W[eekly] (full backups)
;; - Q[uarter] (full backups)
;; If not set - function disabled
D = 7
W = 30
Q = 370

;; Mail settings for summary report
;; If not set - mail report disabled
SMTP_Server = localhost
Mail_From =
Mail_To	=
4. Create your first full backup
msbplaunch.exe -1
5. Create a scheduled task for daily execution msbplaunch.exe (enable "Run with highest privileges").

For new database run once
msbplaunch.exe <new_database_name>

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